Delivery Information


If the products you ordered are on stock in the showroom, you can pick them up immediately after an employee confirms this.

If the products are not in stock in the showroom when you have the order, we will notify you by email or phone when they arrive in the store to get them up. Once they have arrived, the products are kept in the showroom for 7 business days or for a longer period if you expressly request it.

Delivery in the showroom is free of charge.

If you have already paid the order before you come to pick it up (bank transfer), please have your identity card with you so that we can deliver your products.

For legal entities, a power of attorney is required.



The package shipped quickly arrives at the address mentioned and is handed to the recipient personally by the courier.

The cost of transport is not unique and will be calculated according to the weight of the product, 20.50 lei plus 2.50 lei per kg.

Delivery time: 2-4 business days (maximum 5-7 days in promotional or unfavorable weather periods - floods, snowflakes) for orders placed until 14.00. The customer is notified by phone on the morning of delivery.

Delivery can be postponed for up to 30 business days at customer request. If there are problems and can not take over the package on that day, the courier must be contacted by phone and the delivery date announced (up to 7 working days from that time).

Orders placed on the weekend (from Friday 12.00 p.m.) will be dispatched early next week.

Delivery is from Monday to Friday, from 8-17 in any city / city / village in Romania.

The package can be redirected to another address in that city at the request of the client (courier request).

In order to receive the package, the address in the bulletin must not correspond to the delivery address.

The package can be tracked using the "tracking number" received on the confirmation email from, on Thus, you will always know the status of your order from the moment you leave



In the case of Wholesale deliveries, our company will ensure your shipment to the address you mentioned. For more details, contact us.